Beverley Town Council is at the heart of the local community.  With fourteen elected councillors and a small staff team, what it lacks in scale it makes up for in positive impact and passion for Beverley.

The Town Council consist of four wards – Minster North, Minster South, St Mary’s East and St Mary’s West). These are all within the Town Council (or Parish) boundaries.

Whilst East Riding of Yorkshire Council oversees many larger, infrastructure issues such as housing, highways, social services, council tax, etc., the Town Council helps to bring a uniqueness to Beverley and works at a grassroots level within the community.

You can find out more information about the Town Council, including councillor contact details, meeting schedules, minutes and agenda, financies, etc. in the Your Council drop down menu towards to top of the page.

Councillors have identified three key strategic ambitions which will guide everything that they do. These are:

  • Making Beverley a cleaner and greener place to live, work and be happy.
  • Making Beverley a place where everyone matters, and people pull together.
  • Making Beverley Town Council’s finances and organisational structure clear, so that people can understand how their money is spent.

Beverley Town Councillors believe that by prioritising efforts in this way, the organisation will be more effective in making decisions which affect our town and its people

Council Meetings

  • Meeting Summons:  All meeting dates are provisional, until the respective summons/agendas are published – a meeting is only lawfully bound to take place once the summons has been released. Meeting dates may be subject to change. Agendas are also displayed on the noticeboard located in Wednesday Market.
  • Full Council Meetings: Full Council meetings’ venue to be as on the agenda issued.  These meetings will be held in-person and will not be live-streamed online. Members of the public are welcome to attend to observe meetings.
  • Committee MeetingsCommittee meetings take place remotely unless otherwise stated. Members of the public can view live-steams and recordings of Committee Meetings via the Town Council’s You Tube Channel.
  • Full Council Public Forum: Members of the public can address meetings of Full Council in the public forum at 6:30pm and then stay to observe proceedings.   If you wish to speak in the public forum, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance so we know to welcome you to the meeting.
  • Agenda and Minutes: You can click directly to each relevant committee agenda and minutes via the meeting dates below. Agendas are also placed in the Wednesday Market Place noticeboard.  Alternatively, you can access all here.

No meetings are currently scheduled for this month

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