Beverley 1300 Poster

Beverley 1300 - celebrating the legacy of St John of Beverley

There are few places in England that can not only claim, but also prove to have a very specific founding father.  In Beverley, we have Saint John of Beverley, who founded the first place of worship that lead to the building of our majestic Minster many, many years after his passing.

John died 1,300 years ago and throughout the centuries since 721AD, the settlement and eventually town of Beverley became a place of pilgrimage for kings and commoners alike.  Without him, it is arguable that there would be no town, as it is pilgrimages of this kind that created the foundations of our town.

To mark this anniversary and celebrate the legacy of St John, a festival of ideas, events, community, family, talks, film, real ale, and more will be held between 22nd and 25th October 2021.

A wide range of events for all the family will take place, including the opening of heritage sites across the town centre, film screens, talks and more.  From the historic Beverley Beck to the imposing North Bar, taking in amongst other locations St Mary’s Church and the Minster itself, it is truly a town-wide celebration.

You can view or download a full brochure here.

Beverley Town Council would like to thank all the groups and organisations that have helped to make this landmark event a reality, including St Mary’s Church, Beverley Minster, Beverley Civic, Visit Hull and East Yorkshire and more.