The agendas and minutes for the current Municipal Year of 2020-2021 are available below.

Members of the public can view live-steams and recordings of meetings via the Town Council’s You Tube Channel.

Click here to access our minutes archive, which we gradually be adding to over time.

Full Council

Full Council meets to discuss issues in the town and to ratify the decisions of other Beverley Town Council committees.

Policy and Finance Committee

The Policy and Finance Committee oversees the Town Council’s finance and policies, alongside working with officers on a variety of issues and projects.

Planning, Property and Services Committee

Although Beverley Town Council is not the “planning authority”, i.e. the decision maker, it is a consultee in the planning process, which is managed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC). The Planning Property & Services Committee makes official comments on applications within the Parish of Beverley, which are submitted to ERYC for consideration.  The committee also oversees issues relating to the Town Council’s allotments, requests for new litter and grit bins, the Skatepark and other duties that fall under the operational services within the Town Council’s remit.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee oversees staffing related issues.  Due to the nature this committee, members of the public are excluded from the meeting on the grounds that confidential information in relation to the engagement of staff shall be disclosed (Public Bodies (Admission of Meetings) Act 1960).

Grants Committee

The Grants Scheme, policies and processes are currently under review.

Beverley in Bloom Working Group

Beverley in Bloom is a group of people who get together to turn the streets of Beverley into colourful and productive areas.  They are responsible for many of the floral displays around the town, culminating in the Yorkshire in Bloom competition, which takes place in spring and summer.  Beverley currently holds a Gold award from Yorkshire in Bloom and in 2018 was awarded a Silver Gilt from Britain in Bloom.

Agendas and Supporting Documents

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic there have been no Beverley in Bloom meetings to date during the 2020-2021 Municipal Year to date.


Beverley Christmas Lights Working Group

The Christmas Lights Committee meets quarterly to arrange the lights switch-on and town centre displays for the festive season.  The Beverley Christmas Lights Appeal Group, which is separate independent organisation, arranges fundraising events throughout the year in order to raise money to pay for the lights.

Beverley Hanseatic League Working Group

In medieval times, Beverley played a significant role in the international Hanseatic League.  In recent years, a modern Hanseatic League has been formed, with Beverley’s application to join it being successful in 2019.  This relatively new working group is looking at how to develop this and benefits it can bring to the town.