East Riding College

Full Council at East Riding College

Beverley Town Council has found a new venue to hold Full Council meetings – East Riding College on the Flemingate Development.

Because the Town Council’s own meeting room is only just big enough for all Councillors to sit round the table and has very limited ventilation, meetings of Full Council have taken place in more appropriate venues over recent months.  Although the Government has ended most Covid Plan B restrictions, Councillors have decided it is still best to meet in a larger, better ventilated venue, especially as members of the public are entitled to attend.

Therefore, the Town Council has hired meeting room space at East Riding College for Full Council meetings on Monday 14th February, Monday 21st March, Monday 25th April and Monday 30th May – all starting 6:30pm.  Any members of the public who wish to attend to observe meetings are asked to arrive a few minutes early, so they can sign in at the college reception and be shown to the meeting room.

Other committee meetings continue to take place online and are livestreamed via YouTube.