Toll Gavel Church

First In-Person Meeting Since Lockdown

Beverley Town Council is to hold its first “in-person” meeting since the start of the first Covid-19 lockdown, on Monday 7th June 2020, 6:30pm at Toll Gavel Church.

Over the past year, the Government changed the law to allow councils to meet remotely and make decisions over video platforms, such as Zoom.  Prior to this, such meetings were against the law and all decisions had to be made in-person.  Beverley Town Council livestreamed all their meetings via YouTube, to ensure the public could still observe them.

However, the Government decided to discontinue the ability to make decisions remotely from 6th May 2021 onwards. Therefore, on 12th April 2021, Full Council resolved to delegate all decisions to the Acting Town Clerk (other than those that by law cannot be delegated).  It was also resolved to continue holding meetings remotely, but due to being unable to make direct resolutions at them, all decisions made by Councillors act as recommendations to advise the Acting Town Clerk in their delegated decision making.

At Full Council on Monday 7th June, there are many resolutions the Council needs to make, which cannot be delegated, such as giving final approval to the Annual Accountability and Governance Return (AGAR).  Therefore, the meeting will take place in-person.  To allow social distancing and follow Covid guidelines, the meeting will take place at Toll Gavel Church, as this will provide more space than at the Town Council’s office.

If any member of the public wish to attend to observe proceedings, please email clerk@beverley.gov.uk by 12noon on Monday 7th June.  This is to ensure the Council knows how many people to expect to enable the allocation of socially-distanced seating.  The meeting of Full Council starts that evening at 6:30pm in Toll Gavel Church.  A full agenda pack is available on the Town Council’s website.