Meeting Calendar

Public Access: Members of the public are entitled to attend all meetings, but must refrain from interrupting proceedings.  Some items, due to matters relating to staff and business contracts, may be subject to those items being closed to the public for confidentiality reasons.

Public Forum: In normal circumstances, members of the public are welcome to address meetings of Full Council in the public forum at 6:30pm and then stay to observe proceedings.   It is useful for anyone wishing to speak to give prior notice via email to clerk@beverley.gov.uk although this is not compulsory.

Recording of Meetings:  Members of the public are entitled to record meetings. The Town Council’s full policy regarding Recording of Meetings can be found on the website: https://www.beverley.gov.uk/policies-procedures/

Notice of Meetings:  Meeting dates may be subject to change and additional meetings may be scheduled depending on the need to facilitate Council business. A meeting is only lawful binding once the official summons has been released, which must happen at least three “clear days” before the meeting takes place (“clear days” so not include the day of the notice being published, the day the meeting takes place, Sundays or Bank Holidays ). Summons and Agendas are displayed on this website and on the noticeboard located in Wednesday Market.

Agenda and Minutes: You can click directly to each relevant committee agenda and minutes via the meeting dates below. Alternatively, you can access all here.