Beverley Annual Parish Meeting - 28th April 2021

Every year, Town and Parish Councils are required to host a meeting at which residents can raise issues affecting the area.  The Beverley Parish Meeting will be held on Wednesday 28th April at 6pm.

Usually, this meeting takes place in a public venue, but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, it will be held remotely on Zoom and livestreamed via YouTube.

The meeting will be chaired by Councillor Tom Astell, the Mayor of Beverley, who explained: “The Parish Meeting is not a meeting of the Town Council.  It is instead an opportunity for residents, who are listed on the Electoral Register as living within the Parish of Beverley, to raise issues affecting the town – these might range from concerns regarding planning developments, to celebrating aspects of our community spirit over what has been a difficult year for everyone.”

To speak at the meeting, you must be on the Electoral Register within the Parish of Beverley.  The neighbouring Parishes of Woodmansey and Molescroft will hold their own meetings in due course.  However, there is often some confusion regarding where the Parish Boundaries lie, as some people who think they live in Beverley are actually outside the boundary (Parish Boundary Map).

Meeting Documents:





Councillor Astell said: “If you wish to speak, we will do our best to give you the opportunity to address the meeting.  Please remember that you can only speak if you attend via Zoom, as this is the platform we use for two-way communication.  However, if you just want to observe, the meeting will also be livestreamed on YouTube.  We are all living in a new world of remote video meetings and it is our first time organising such a large, interactive event, so please be patient with us!”

Those who wish to speak are asked to refrain from referring to individuals who may not be there to respond.  It should also be noted that all Councillors present are there as residents in their own right, not in their elected capacity, other than the Mayor.

You can attend the meeting via Zoom or watch it via a livestream on YouTube.  Please note, that if you are speaking you will have to access the meeting through Zoom.

The Zoom details are:

Beverley Town Council’s YouTube channel