Planning Consultation

Beverley Town Council is a consultee in the planning process.  Whilst the Town Council can make comments and recommendations regarding planning applications, it does not manage the planning system or make the final decision – this responsibility lies with East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

However, the Town Council looks at many planning applications per month and makes comments where required, which the East Riding of Yorkshire Council can take into consideration when making their final decisions.

Planning applications are considered by the Town Council’s Planning, Environment and Services Committee.  If you would like to attend a planning meeting to speak on an application to help Councillors form their opinions on it, please contact clerk@beverley.gov.uk.

Public Speaking on Planning Applications


  1. Beverley Town Council is a statutory consultee in the planning process. It does not make final decisions on planning applications – this is the responsibility of East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC).  However, ERYC consults with the Town Council on planning applications and can choose whether or not take comments it makes into consideration when making their final decisions.
  2. Planning Applications are usually considered by the Town Council’s Planning, Environment and Services Committee (PES).
  3. The Town Council’s Scheme of Delegation allows for the Town Clerk, in consultation with the PPS Chair, to submit comments on minor applications or those that require comments before the next PES meeting. The Deputy Town Clerk can also act on behalf of the Town Clerk.
  4. Any major strategic or controversial applications may be sent to Full Council for consideration, rather than being commented on by PES alone.


Public Access to PES Meetings

  1. PES meetings are open to the public, either in person or remotely via livestream (depending on the circumstances, e.g. Covid-19).
  2. If you register to speak, you will be invited to attend the meeting via Zoom.


Public Speaking on Planning Applications

  1. Only those that have registered to speak prior to the meeting may address the committee on a specified planning application.
  2. Only one person can speak in objection and one in support. The first person to register in each category will have the right to speak. Other interested parties will be encouraged to contact the registered speaker, where possible.

Registering to Speak on Planning Applications

  1. To register to speak on a planning application, you must email the Town Council on clerk@beverley.gov.uk later than 5pm on the Friday before the PPS meeting at which the application is to be considered.
  2. Registration is on a “first come, first served” basis, so it may be worth consulting with others who wish to comment on an application so you can consolidate your efforts.


When Speak on Planning Applications

  1.  Registered speakers will have a maximum of three minutes to address the committee. Please note that this is not a discussion or question and answer session.  The three minutes are purely for the speak to present their case and Councillors will not enter into further discussions or ask questions.
  2. Speakers are not permitted to circulate any additional information at the meeting (e.g. letters, photographs, etc.).
  3. The registered speaker will attend the meeting via a Zoom Meeting Room (livestreamed on YouTube). They will be placed in the Zoom Waiting Room until it is the time for them to speak. Upon the conclusion of their three minutes, they will be requested to leave the Zoom Meeting Room or the meeting clerk will close their access.


Recording and Broadcast of Meetings

  1.  The Town Council livestreams all meetings where possible.
  2. Members of the public have the right to audio or video record meetings or take photographs.
  3. If you do not wish to be recorded or photographed when speaking on an application, you must explain this when you register to speak.
  4. If you do not wish to visible during livestream, it is your responsibility to ensure your camera is switched off.