Projects in Development

Beverley Town Council has a number of projects that are under development.  Some of these are only in their discussions stages, where as others are progressing.  Since May 2019, most of these were put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the Town Council hopes to progress many of these in the coming weeks and months.  Below are details of some of the projects currently in development.

CCTV Enhancements

The Town Council has allocated £13,850 to provide four new CCTV cameras and enhancements to the viewing technology at Beverley Police Station.

Over recent years the current CCTV system has proved instrumental in solving many crimes and stopping anti-social beheaviour.

It is therefore envisaged that the new cameras will not necessarily be located in the town centre, but will instead be located in other areas where the police will find them of benefit to help create safer communities.

Town Entry Signs

An allocation of £6,000 has been made to design, produce and install new town entry signs.  These will help to promote the town, including the heritage, retail, dining and other aspects Beverley has to offer.

Draft designs have been produced and it is envisaged this project will become a reality in the not to distant future.

A second stage could include planters placed at the base of each sign to add a touch of floral colour to the town entry points.

Beverley Skate Park

Town Councillors are unanimous that the Beverley Skate Park is in need of a total overhaul and upgrade.

Although it is located on land owned by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (at Beverley Leisure Complex), permission has been granted for the Town Council to upgrade the facility.

We are currently working with ERVAS to consult with young people and skate park users to find out what they like the site to be like.  The next stage will be to get specialist contractors to provide quotes for the upgrade.  Following that, external funding will be sought and Town Council reserves used to afford the scheme.  We appreciate the frustration that this may take some time, but the Town Council is committed to making sure this project becomes a reality.

Christmas/All Year Lights

The Town Council wants to provide more festive lights at Christmastime.  Unlike other smaller towns in East Yorkshire, Beverley often struggles as the national chains which dominate the town centre, do not usually contribute to afford these. Therefore, the Town Council is using significant reserves to enhance town centre lighting.

However, Councillors also want to spread this into the wider community, with plans for new installations at Samman Road Shops, Cherry Tree Centre, Beckside, Memorial Hall and Railway Square.

In addition, where possible, lights will be placed that can brighten the town throughout the year, such as light strings in trees in Wednesday Market and other locations.


Although benches in the town are owned and managed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the Town Council is hoping to add to them.

For example, where a bench outside Body Shop was recently removed after being hit by a lorry, the Town Council has agreed to pay for a replacement.

Councillors also want to look at the possibility of providing benches in areas of Swinemoor Estate, where there are large, open grassed areas, but not where to sit.

Platinum Jubilee

To mark the Platinum Jubilee of H.M Queen Elizabeth II, the Town Council is panning to stage a major event in the Town Centre on Friday 3rd June.

This event is currently under development and the Town Council has engaged UK Events Associates to manage and organise this special occasion.

More information will be released in coming months, including how community groups and local individuals can become involved with this unique celebration.