Beverley Town Council’s Planning Environment and Services Committee has asked that conditions be placed on a planning application, to stop mud and dirt from the development being spread across neighbouring residential areas.

The application, submitted by DPP Planning, is to build 136 affordable dwellings of Minster Way.  This is part of the ongoing development of southern Beverley.  Previous similar construction sites in the immediate area have resulted in vehicles dragging mud and dirt onto adjoining roads, creating a mess for residents to deal with.

Councillors have received numerous complaints that this has resulted not just in neighbourhoods looking messy, but when the dirt remains damp, it is spread further by other passing vehicles and by people on foot.  Residents have reported having to frequently wash their cars due to the dirt being picked up and shoes regularly covered in mud from simply crossing the road.  In addition, when it dries, the mud is then blown by the wind into gardens and onto houses, creating a gritty layer of dirt.

To combat this, Beverley Town Council has asked for the condition to be applied that all vehicles leaving the development site must have their tyres and treads cleaned before doing so.  It is hoped that this will help to address the problem experienced by residents and clean up the roads around the site.  They have asked that East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the senior planning authority, monitors this to ensure cleaning is carried out for the duration of the project.

It was also requested by Councillors that the established hedges and trees on site should be retained, out of concern that other similar developments have removed them, which has a detrimental effect on the local environment and biodiversity.

However, it was not all negative comments, as the committee congratulated the applicant for including electric car charging points to the vast majority of properties. Councillors hope other developers will follow this good example.